A downloadable Plantformer for Windows and macOS

Awesome Description:

Joking name aside,  in "A Plantformer" you find yourself stuck on an island with a lava flow slowly moving towards you. To get away (you can't its endless) you must plant magic beans to get across the insane pseudo random landscape while avoiding fast moving enemies. Find bean bags and peoples hearts scattered across the land to help you on your way. Make sure to not run out of beans!

Now with Music!


Use arrow keys to move and (optional space bar) to jump.

Plant beans with Z (tower)  and X (bridge).

Both plant a space in front of you but to plant a bridge bean you must have a open space for it sideways too.

Move fast or die!

Game made with Godot Game Engine

Mac version untested


A PlantFarmer v1.2.exe 17 MB
A PlantFarmer v1.2.zip 18 MB


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Very fun to play, if you improve the art and put some music this game will be even better =D

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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't really feel like making sprites right now (I'm super lazy) for animating the player and enemy (at least toady) but I did just add music to the game in the new version 1.2. Of course good art improves any game so hopefully I can get around to that soon.