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In Vanguard AMD you must defeat an enemy army as you move throughout  their lands. Taking inspiration from the plethora of turn based tactics games out there this one functions much the same. Move your units strategically to destroy all of your opponents. The game is single player only with what I'll call blind AI with a compass. In other words the game isn't too hard unless all the enemy units gang up and attack the same units. Vanguard AMD was made for Lowrezjam 2017.


Instructions can be found below but also in game on the options menu.

Space: next turn

WASD or arrow keys: move the camera

Your mouse (main star of the show): everything else, move units attack, etc

Other Details:

This game was made for Lowrezjam 2017 in a little over a week. The Godot Game Engine was used.

This is the first time I've had to create ai this complicated so I know there are some issues that should be fixed. It was an incredibly enjoyable and also frustrating thing to create that I loved doing, I hope I get to do so a lot more although next time I might write things out on paper first.

I appreciate any and all feedback.

The Linux and Mac versions of the game are untested.


Vanguard AMD 24 MB
Vanguard AMD.exe 19 MB
Vanguard AMD.zip 21 MB

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